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Events at 3 Ponds Campground

We have organized activities for all ages on the weekends. Saturdays we have a free children's hay ride at 4:00 pm and a teen hay ride at 9:00 pm. We have Adult Bingo on Saturday evenings. In mid June we begin our tournaments with a ten week challenge for Horse Shoes, Archery, Basketball, Bocce, Cribbage and Car Races. Players accumulate points and we award a trophy to the winners of the tournaments on Labor Day weekend.

July 4th weekend is filled with excitement. On July 4th we have a block party featuring fried dough and a disc jockey. Everyone gathers by a huge bonfire. Dedicated firefighters from Fremont, NH join us each year with their pump truck to make sure our bonfire is safe. That weekend we also have other activities for the children including sack races, sponge toss, and 3-legged races.

We have an annual Gold Dig at our beach for the children. They dig for gold nuggets and some have found gold dollar coins hidden in the sand. The children can use their gold nuggets to purchase candy in our store. In August we are continuing the tradition of 50 Cent Kids Day. Hot dogs, french fries, teenie drink, ice cream, face painting, for only 50 cents each item. Everyone can purchase raffle tickets and the prizes are raffled at the end of the event.

One of our favorite events is Christmas in August. During this special weekend, our campers decorate their sites with beautiful lights and Christmas displays. We even dress in holiday attire! On "Christmas Morning", Santa arrives in our fire red hay-wagon filled with gifts for the good boys and girls. That Saturday evening we decorate the sides of each of our campground roads with bag lights. Last year we had over 2800 candles burning in the evening twilight. What a beautiful sight. Campers stroll through the park singing Christmas carols and enjoying the beautiful sights.

On Labor Day Weekend, we feature our annual Mini Olympic events. Children compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in many events including standing and running jump, short sprint, and long run. We also have the finals for our 10 week tournaments. We announce the winners of our Annual Site Awards contest. We ask visitors to judge our seasonal campsites on a scale of one to ten. We compile all the results and award Gold Trophies to those with the top five points, Silver trophies are awarded to those who placed 6th through 10th, and Bronze trophies are awarded to those who placed 11th through 15th. We are very proud of and thankful for the time our seasonal campers take to beautify their campsites. In September, we have a Halloween weekend. Some of our seasonal campers decorate their sites, we have a Halloween contest, and children Trick or Treat through the campground during our Halloween parade.

We hope you enjoy the photos of some of the fun we have!!

Previous July 4th weekends


Thanks to one of our newest seasonal campers, for the photos captured below!



Horse shoes




Christmas in August. Santa arrived with gifts for the children!!

Santa, his elves and his favorite dog

Thank you Santa for my new bug tank!!